Luftkeimsammler der neuesten Generation

Active Count 100TM

ActiveCount100 is a high  performance portable microbial sampler suitable for use in cleanrooms and asceptic environ­ ments.

Continuous and periodic sampling enables complete control on sampling cycles and intervals. Autoclavable impactor head  and sanitizable stainless steel enclosure ensure ActiveCount100 does not  contaminate your sampling environment.  Use the optional gas sampler to monitor compressed gasses.

• Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Food & Beverage
• Cleanrooms, Biological Safety Cabinets, Isolators
• IAO  lndoor Air Ouality, Museums, Libraries
• Cosmetics, Textiles, Agricultural, Environment
• Additonal Aseptic Environment Monitoring Applications


  • 3.5 ineh (8.9 cm) color touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 8 programmable sampling volumes
  • 50 programmable user names
  • 400 programmable location names
  • Flow rate alarming
  • Data logging to USB flash drive
  • Autoclavable sampling head
  • AC/Battery 6 hrs normal use, 2 hrs charge time
  • Continuous and Periodic sampling modes
  • Suitable for sterile conditions
  • Wipedownable
  • Optional compressed gas sampler