Lighthouse MAS-100 NT

Air monitoring for: Pharma / Biotechnology

The New Lighthouse MAS-100 NT Serves to measure the micro organisms in clean rooms and sterile environments especially in the pharmaceutical companies and hygienically highly sensible areas. The use of standard 90-100mm Petri dishes, the integrated mass-flow sensor and the handiness of this air sampler are unique on the market. A PC-interface permits the program to read data from the air sampler.


  • Carrying Case

Functional principle:

The Lighthouse MAS-100 NT is a high-performance instrument that is based on the impaction principle. The resulting airflow is directed onto a standard Petri dish containing agar. After the collection cycle, the Petri dish needs to be incubated and the Colony Forming Units can be counted.


  • Dialog multi lingual navigation
  • IQ/OQ Documents available
  • Integrated mass-flow sensor
  • Uses standard 90-100mm Petri dishes
  • PC communication
  • GAMP 4 and ISO 14698 approved
  • SQS-Sequential sampling long periods

Technical specifications:

  • Airflow 100 Liter/min
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery autonomy approx. 7h
  • Body anodized aluminum
  • Autoclavable sampling head
  • Programmable start delay
  • BUS-interface to PC


  • Height: 27 cm
  • Diameter: 11 cm
  • Weight with recharge-battery: 2.2 kg