Lighthouse MAS – 100 ECO Luftkeimsammler (Keimzahlbestimmungsgerät)

Der Luftkeimsammler MAS 100 ECO. Wir vertreiben diese Geräte nicht nur sondern kalibrieren die Luftkeimsammler (Keimzahlbestimmungsgerät)  auch bei uns in Österreich und auch gerne bei Ihnen vor Ort. Preisanfragen bitte an


Air monitoring for Food & Beverage Industry/ Environment/ Hospital and Cleanroom

The New Lighthouse MAS-100 Eco economical air sampler is especially developed for Hospital, Environment and cleanroom industries. The Lighthouse MAS-100 Eco uses 90-100mm Standard Petri dishes, is easy to handle, compact and has a favorable price. An electronic speed control guarantees for an accurate flow rate. Includes carrying case and 3 PSD-100 Petri dish dispenser.

Functional principle:

The Lighthouse MAS-100 Eco is an air sampler that is based on the  impaction principle. The resulting airflow is directed onto a standard Petri dish containing agar. After the collection cycle, the Petri dish needs to be incubated and the Colony Forming Units can be counted.


  • Compact design
  • Exchangeable battery
  • Handle serves as a support for tripod
  • Calibrated with certificate
  • Dialogue software
  • 5 programmable volumes from 1-1000 liter
  • Battery status and error indicator
  • Easy handling

Technical specifications:

  • Airflow 100 Liter/min
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery autonomy approx. 3h
  • Body made from Anodized aluminum
  • Sterilized sampling head
  • Resistant to all current disinfecting agents


  • Height without handle: 15 cm
  • Height with handle: 19 cm
  • Diameter: 11 cm
  • Weight with recharge-battery: 1.3 kg